Our Shipping Policy

There is a lot of sleight-of-hand in the engraved brick business regarding shipping. With some companies, they don't quote shipping prices at all until you order. With others, shipping is free as long as you order 50, or 100 bricks. Our shipping policy is very, very simple:

  • All brick prices include free standard shipping*

That's it. That's all.

Depending on how many bricks you order at a time, we may ship by UPS, USPS, Spee-Dee, or FedEx - small package - or we may ship on a pallet using LTL truck service. We will let you know how your orders are coming so you can make arrangements to receive them.

To Get Your Free Info Pack

Give us a call! 877-271-0217

* Standard shipping means standard small package Ground shipment for small orders (UPS, Fed Ex, or Spee Dee) or standard truck LTL shipment. Truck LTL shipments come on a semi trailer with the boxed bricks stretched wrapped on a pallet (or pallets). If you require special LTL service options such as a liftgate or if your delivery location does not have a semi dock, there will be charges added for these services.