Helpful Fundraiser Brick FAQs

What is the minimum order?

It’s the smallest minimum order in the industry. The minimum order is 5 of any size.

How do I get a custom design?

To get a custom design you will need to work with our graphic specialist by sending a black and white file (gray-scale not accepted) to for approval.

What are some of the special LTL services that there may be an upcharge for?

There may be an upcharge in delivery cost if a lift gate is needed to unload the bricks, it's a residential/restricted access location, there isn't a dock, or if a call before delivery.

What is the profit margin?

The profit margin is dependent on the price you sell the bricks at. Our prices will remain the same in regards to the pricing. If you wish to obtain a high profit ask for a higher donation. Be warned that raising the price too much will deter some people from purchasing a brick. We recommend utilizing the two sizes available and creating a donation hierarchy. The 4x8 can be the standard size for donation while the 8x8 can be for larger donations from corporations or large supporters.

What font is most popular?

It really depends on the style of your design. However, we suggest the Helvetica in ALL CAPS. It is clean and bold so that all the names are noticeable.

What projects could we use That's My Brick!® for?

You can create walkways, gardens, tiled walls, pillars, memorials, playground etc for a church, college, high school or middle school, PTO, hospital, historical society, humane society, library, or museum.

The possibilities are endless!

Is there a deadline?

There is no deadline for how long you can run the fundraiser. In fact, if you install the bricks in a way that they can be easily removed and replaced, the fundraiser can be ongoing for many years. Simply install blank bricks in places that potential personalized bricks can be inserted later.

How fast can we get an order of bricks?

We have always been proud of our quick production time. We guarantee that it will take 21 days or less after receipt of the down payment to produce the bricks. The shipping time varies from 1-5 business days. It is the quickest lead time for the industry.

What is the character limit for a brick?

Each line on the brick can have up to 18 characters including spaces and punctuation. The 4x8 has 3 lines of text available and the 8x8 has 6 lines available. The character limit for the 4x8 is reduced to 10 when you add artwork to the left or right side of the brick. If a graphic is added to the top or bottom of the 8x8, text is reduced to 3 lines.