Product Durability

That's My Brick™ uses a patented, laser-based marking process that produces a layer of black, fused glass on the surface of the brick or tile.

Our brick marking technology will produce a beautiful, black mark on any color brick or tile. This provides greater flexibility in the choice of brick/tile materials than many of our competitors. The marks are flush with the surface of the brick or tile - meaning less maintenance for your installation and no chance of the wear based damage as with deep engraved bricks or tiles.

That's My Brickā„¢ has extensively tested our marking technology by independent brick durability testing facilities, such as the National Brick Research Center at Clemson University. Using the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards as the basis for the evaluation, bricks marked by our process have been subjected to accelerated life testing in:

  • Freeze/Thaw cycling
  • Salt Spray exposure
  • Ultraviolet Light exposure

All samples passed each of the ASTM-specified test conditions with flying colors. While such testing at independent laboratories is very time consuming and expensive, it is key to our unlimited lifetime guarantee. The independent testing has proven that bricks marked with our process and installed properly in your project will last longer than our lifetimes.

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