Quarry Tiles for Fundraising

If your brick fundraiser project contains or entirely consists of vertical surfaces, you will not want to use full thickness pavers. The best choice will be a thinner tile of some sort. There is a near infinite set of choices for your donor wall including face brick, ceramic and glazed ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, quarry tile, granite, marble, and many others.

That's My Brick!® offers three stock quarry tiles. Click here to see the options. Quarry tiles are clay based products that are manufactured much like bricks are. This leads to a denser, tougher product with a smooth surface perfect for marking. The quarry tiles come in 2 modular sizes to still allow for the higher price and profit options. All orders for stock tiles will be shipped in 21 calendar days or less.

Given the vast number of tile choices, it would be unsurprising if you have picked out your own tile. Please talk with us about your choice and we will evaluate it for suitability and sourcing. We have marked more types of tile than we can count so chances are there will be no issues with your tile. Please keep in mind that non-stock tiles cannot be guaranteed to ship in 21 days from order placement.

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