Clay Paver Bricks

That's My Brick!® is proud to offer 7 stock, clay based paver bricks in a variety of colors. These bricks, made by Belden, one of top US manufacturers, come in both 4x8" and 8x8" sizes to allow you the option of selling the larger sizes for greater profit. Clay based paver bricks are the most beautiful and durable pavers on the market with literally thousands of years of history behind them. They are far, far superior to dyed concrete pavers. Click here to see samples of our stock pavers.

All our stock 4x8" bricks come with chamfered top edges and spacing lugs on the sides to allow for easy installation. The 8x8" bricks are chamfered but do not have lugs. All orders for in-stock bricks will be shipped in 21 calendar days or less.

If you have decided on another brick type for your personalized brick fundraiser project - no worries. We will work with any supplier you choose and will quickly evaluate your brick choice and let you know its suitability for our laser marking technology. In most cases, we will be able to source your brick choice ourselves from our local distributors. If we cannot for some reason, you can ship bricks to us from your source for marking here. The 21 calendar day shipping guarantee does not apply for non-stock bricks. We will work with you to develop a schedule after reviewing availability for your brick choice.

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