Free Donor Website

That's My Brick!® will design and host a free brick donor website for your group. All we need from you are a few details about your fundraiser. Typical pieces of information we need are pictures, the story behind what you are raising funds for, your selling prices, plus payment instructions. Click here for an example and to gather design ideas.

While you're there, place a test order to see how easy it is for your donors to place their orders online. Have your group promote this website to increase awareness of your project.

We are able to manage credit card payments on the donor website and, like our other services, there are no monthly fees. However, there will be a small processing charge per transaction of 1%-5%.

Donors can order and pay on the donor website. As soon as the order is placed, their card will be charged and your account will be credited. To help you manage finances, you will be sent monthly statements of your account balance. This balance can be applied to your invoices or you can request a withdrawal at anytime.

We are very excited to be able to offer you this fundraising solution. We believe that this will help increase your sales and make managing your fundraising campaign finances easier.

To Get Your Free Info Pack

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