Free Brochure Design and Discounted Printing

That's My Brick!® will design a tri-fold brochure for your group, using pictures and information from you. The tri-fold design starts with a 2 sided, color print on an 8 1/2" by 11" piece of paper. We can pack all the information you need to promote your fundraiser into this space with any pictures you have - plus an order form and payment instructions. Best of all - we will design this for free.

That's My Brick!® has partnered with our largest print vendor to offer you deeply discounted printing services. Basically, you get to buy the number of brochures you need while leveraging our internal print volumes here. If you are a small fundraiser and only need a few hundred brochures, you can buy them from us for less than 81 cents apiece. If you tried to source these yourself, you'd probably pay several dollars apiece. If your volumes are higher, prices per brochure may drop to as low as 23 cents apiece. In any case, if you wish to get your brochures printed elsewhere, that is fine, we will provide the free brochure design in your specified format and send it wherever you wish.

To Get Your Free Info Pack

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