Mary's Grotto

Fundraiser to Renovate the Parish Hall at St. Mary's Church

Celebrating the Centennial of St Mary’s Parish, the fundraiser will raise money to restore the exterior marble statue of Mary moving her to the island in the front of the church. Honoring the parish both past and present bring Mary out of the bushes and into the light, creating a memorial to Mary with brick sidewalks, benches and renewed landscaping. 

At the south of the church, Mary’s Grotto will create a meditation garden with several statues of Jesus, Joseph, and of course Mary along with other saints. A main walk with side paths to meditation areas in front of the statues will be created. Trees, shrubs and flowers will complement the Grotto, as well as provide shade to the church during our warm Summers months. 

The goal is to raise $500,000 to $700,000 to renovate the parish Hall in the basement of the church and build the grotto. 


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