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To join the fight to end veteran homelessness- which is the leading cause of veteran suicide- Houses For Warriors is raising the funds necessary to purchase an old 86,000 sf school to repurpose into our transitional housing program for veterans in need.

Help us take the next step to secure the property today!
We are hosting our first round brick sale. Your custom engraved bricks will be placed around our flag pole to honor our founding contributors. Your generous donation will fund the down payment,  acquisition and rehabilitation of the property, along with adding credibility to our organization for sponsors and major donors.

·         As of January 2019, Colorado had an estimated 1,068 Veterans experiencing                             homelessness on any given night.
·         More than 22 veterans commit suicide each day.
·         According to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, more than 40% of our                    veteran suicides were facing homelessness or had a history of homelessness in 2019.

The Warrior House Program is a residential program that will house veterans of the U.S. Armed Services who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless due to struggles with alcohol, drugs, the COVID-19  pandemic, or other life-controlling problems. The program is designed to help Warriors achieve success based on their behaviors and attitudes, encouraging Warriors to understand that the choices they make directly affect the benefits and rewards they receive in life.

We are a veteran-run holistic program designed to help our warriors realize that they can achieve spiritual and life-changing success if they are properly disciplined.

The vision of the Program is to produce graduates who are self-sufficient, successful, productive, and a functional part of society.

The mission of the Warrior House Program is to help, direct, and guide veterans into self-sufficient status while providing a safe and caring environment.

About the program

The Warrior House Program has been developed by Houses for Warriors, Inc. to give unique opportunities to military veterans who are homeless.  This program has been designed to help Warriors achieve success based on their behaviors and attitudes.  This method provides the Warrior who understands that the choices they make directly affect the benefits and rewards they receive in life.  Those who are not interested in progressing forward with healthy and positive choices will not reap the benefits and privileges that accompany those positive choices.

The Warrior House Program takes a holistic approach to regain a place in society.  Meditation, exercise, outdoor recreation, life-skills workshops,  job training and mentorship, and other veteran programs will be reintroduced into the Warriors lives.

The Warrior House Program is designed in a holistic manner to strategically address three areas in the Warrior's life and create balance in: mind, body, and spirit.

All Warriors will enter the program at the Orientation Level.  The Warrior will have an opportunity to move forward to greater rewards and responsibilities based on the choices that the Warrior makes.  Life is a learning experience, which offers parallels; good choices bring about good consequences or rewards and bad choices bring about bad consequences or discipline.  This program has been designed to teach the Warriors that their destiny lies with the choices that they make.

Some of our charity partners and collaborators: Valor Roofing and Solar, American Furniture Warehouse, HomeAid Colorado, National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, Volunteers of America for Veterans, Mattersville +more.

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