Allegro Tile Fundraiser!

Raising money for our Senior Scholarship Fund

Design a tile to be on the front of Allegro forever!!

In 2013, Allegro created a tile fundraiser to help purchase our brand new dance floors.  In 2018, we opened up the tile purchases again as a fundraiser for Dancers against Cancer.   We have accumulated many tiles on the front of our building that are meaningful to us, our students and our alumni as well! 

In December 2021, our building was greatly affected by a large van driving into our lobby late at night.   Many tiles were ruined and the construction for the repairs of the building is still underway.

Thankfully, insurance is paying for us to replace all the tiles that were damaged.   So when the repairs are done, we will be able to replace all the previously purchased tiles to put them back in their rightful place:) 

We also see this as an opportunity to open up the tile sales to new families in order to help grow our Senior scholarship fund for our team dancers.   Design your tile today and have your legacy on the front of Allegro's building forever!!

How to Order

Just follow the simple step by step process below to place your donation. Be sure you are happy with your tile design as they will pretty much look like the image on the computer.


Payment Options:

Pay online with a major credit card (VISA/MC/AMEX/DISC).
Pay by check or money order.
Follow the on-screen directions during checkout.

If you have any questions, please contact
Tonya Goodwillie

Design and Personalize Your Tile