Church of God and Saints of Christ,
Joshua Generation
The Auxilary Brick by Brick Project

Built Upon a Solid Foundation

Church of God and Saints of Christ, Joshua Generation and That's My Brick!® have joined forces to raise money for our project! This project is sponsored by The Auxiliary of The Church of God and Saints of Christ, Joshua Generation. This project is focused on beautifying the outside grounds of our national church. There are a few trees where we'd like to spruce up, so that if anyone desires to do so, we would like to provide an area where anyone can go,sit,and reflect. The funds raised will help support the church in its upkeep of our property,and it will allow everyone to feel as though they are a part of a church where everyone matters. By offering this fundraiser to our members, friends and community, we hope that everyone will feel as though they had a part in beautifying God's house outdoors.

This site automatically keeps track of our orders. If you choose to pay by check, please contact us as soon as possible to submit your donation.

How to Order:

Just follow the simple step-by-step process below to place your order. Be sure you are happy with your brick design as it will look very similar to the image on your computer when completed.

The Project is ongoing with a tentative cut off date of November 1, 2024

Payment Options:

Pay online with a major credit card (VISA/MC/AMEX/DISC).
Pay by check or money order.
Follow the on-screen directions during checkout.

If you have any questions, please contact
Adrienne Bradshaw at 508-345-7764 |

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