Bethlehem Baptist Church Brick Pavers Fundraiser

Building a Legacy One Brick at a Time

               Aaron bore a stone on each shoulder, Jacob set a stone up as a pillar, Joshua told the twelve men to each take a stone from the Jordan…throughout the Bible, Scriptures recount memorials being built or established- right down to Jesus and the Last Supper. With that in mind Bethlehem Baptist Church, a religious cornerstone of this community for more than 156 years, intends to follow suit. Our goal is to provide every one, connected with weaving the tapestry of our existence, an opportunity to help create an EVERLASTING MEMORIAL through participation in our Brick Pavers Fundraiser Initiative.  

               Our 2020 Vision is to create a beautiful memorial pathway at the site of our new Sanctuary. This initiative will also generate additional revenue to help reduce Bethlehem’s financial liability associated with the cost of the new construction. For a generous gift of $100.00 a donor can purchase, dedicate and have installed a commemorative brick paver. The paver will bear a personalized engrave message that memorializes you, someone or something special in your life.

                  To sum it all up, you buy a brick, it helps the church, and it helps build an aesthetically appealing Everlasting Memorial. The memorial helps present and future generations look back, connect with and be inspired by a permanent tribute to significant people or significant events in the lives of people who are ancestrally or historically connected to this awesome House of Worship and Praise! …You can call that a Win-win! 

How to Order:

Just follow the simple step-by-step process below to place your order. Be sure you are happy with your brick design as it will look very similar to the image on your computer when completed.

Order Deadline June 5, 2021

Payment Options:

Pay by check or money order.
Follow the on-screen directions during checkout.

If you have any questions, please contact
Kim Watts
at 229-942-3046 or

Design and Personalize Your Brick